• Chic Chair

      Description Chair with Fabric to be defined. https://www.elastrongroup.com/pt/estofos/tecidos/   Dimensions     Finishing Wood [gallery link="file" columns="9" size="full" ids="5690,5470,5465,5480,5455,5665,5670,5550,5685,5675,5680,5660,5555,5520,5515,5635,5485,5640,5490,5655,5510,5560,5495,5535,5530,5545,5460,5650,5645,5630,5475,5625,5620,5615,5610,5450,5540,5605,5600,5595,5590,5585,5570,5565,5580,5575,5525,5500,5721"]

    • Chic Dining table

      Description Round Table 1 Extension Leaf with 40cms Butterfly System   Dimensions D.110 x H.76   Finishing Wood [gallery link=”file”…

    • Chic Sideboard

      Description Sideboard 2 Doors, 3Drawers , 1 bar drawer 1 Separation, 2 Shelves Wood   Dimensions W.180 x H.86 x…

    • Chic Table

      Description Available soon   Size Available soon   Finishing Wood [gallery link="file" columns="9" ids="1325,1324,1323,1322,1321,1320,1319,1318,1317,1316,1315,1314,1313,1312,1311,1310,1309,1308,1307,1306,1305,1304"]

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